magyar roman nemet angol


Visit and explore Gyula, the town of flowers, trees and ponds.
Gyula is an ideal place for relaxing or having an active holiday.
The town is located in the south-eastern region of Hungary, in the gate of Transylvania. It is an important border crossing along the Romanian border with county-level and regional institutions, as well as, it is a settlement of multi-nationality and multi-religion, where the inhabitants always lived together in peace.

Gyula is full of attraction and engagement in the whole year. You can choose between multifarious distraction's opportunities to have a calm and also an activ holiday in the city.

The medicinal water, the wellness's part of the The Castle Bath,
The Castle Theater,
the renovated City Centre
, the programmes, the festivals, the multitudes of outings accord fantastic distraction for every age bracket.

Gyula's events without the pretence of completeness:
- Multitude at the Körös-Valley
- International Brass Band and Majorette Festival
- Int. Track racing individual speedway
- "Tarhonya" festival
- Every Nation's Int. folk dance festival
- Int. "Kisüsti Pálinka" festival
- Pig sticker's days of Gyula
- Border Castle evenings
            ... and some more a lot of other program!